The entire website is receiving an overhaul. The "Me Me Me Me Me" section is the first to go under the

Later I will add other random tidbits about myself; for now you have what I wrote several years ago.

Let's start from the beginning:
   I am Dolen Le, I am from nowhere, and I go to school in noschool land. Well obviously this is untrue;
I'm just very protective of my privacy.

     Well, I suppose I can reveal that I live in the New York Metropolitan area. There have been hints to
this before, but I think this is the first time I have explicitly stated this information in a public location. It  
probably still seems paranoid; after all, NYC is a very large city.

     One of the things I hide on the site are my interests. Call me cool, a geek, nerd, jock, freak or
whatever, I've heard it all. One day I do something right and get rained with compliments. The next day I
do something wrong and all of hell breaks loose. And thus, I prefer to keep my interests relatively
unknown, although by judging by my writing, you can tell that I'm a bit on the "nerdy" side.

Some Random Soap Box Stuff:
   Unfortunately, I usually do things wrong, but not wrong morally, just wrong to everybody else.
It's my personal experience that others expect that you agree with them, so wherever I go, I find the
constant need to be somebody else. Evolution has made us into creatures with resentments, love, and the
ability to change our world. In my eyes, this is a deadly combination. People are now homeless, pregnant
while penniless because someone somewhere had told them what was "cool." What is cool, in truth, is
what you yourself find cool.

   Other animals may not like a distasteful plant or like a sweet insect, but as humans, we have the luxury
of understanding. Our understandings aren't always moral, and they never fit together, and thus we have
been imbued with human nature. Human nature is fueled by greed. Greed for power, money, fear and
revenge. We will always have our enemies and friends, no matter where you look.

   I like doing things where there is an end result. For example, typing this web page. Or maybe making
the CVS one time use digital camera into a many use camera. One large field where this can happen is
technology. Call me a geek, but I have several computers, including three Macintoshes and six Windows
computers, as of last count. (There are three people in my family, so this is most definite overkill)

   I've been typing websites for longer than you think. It's fueled by my creativity, and so it all started with
my first classroom newspaper and geocities page several years ago. It was called the TGIF Times.
Today, I look upon my past as an embarrassment. Until recently, people would be able to view these
original pages on GeoCities, however on October 26, 2009, Yahoo! shut it down. I have copied the pages
to this webhost, browse them if you wish.

   If I'm bored, I'll watch my fish, content on eating, or use the computer for whatever reason it may be. I
was never really good at games, although I have touched on everything from guns to cars, even bubbles.
I was never good at any of them. So please don't invite me to your house to play with your Xbox, Wii, or

   I am a very, very, super duper extremely excessively infinitely novice aquarist. Somewhere on this site
I have posted photos of my fish. Things have changed since 2004, however, and only Chica remains, the
fish having since been replaced (and some refuse to survive, apparently because there is something
wrong with my water supply).

An update, from a different perspective:
     I have aged sufficiently to find many of the things in this site to be relatively immature. Thus, much
content is to be deleted, and any pieces I write (if any, of course) will be from a different, more refined
point of view. I now look back upon this site and memories will flood my mind; memories of moments of
which many I regret, and a few of which I long to live again.
About Dolen
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