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The MegaLead from PaperMate has a quite fitting name. This pencil is a BEAST!
In its thick barrel is the capacity for up to 20 leads! With this pencil, you can't
possibly run out of lead without noticing- there are windows in the barrel for both
the lead and the eraser. And with 12 leads shipped in each pencil, its mileage is
sure to please.

As you can see to the left, I've added two new categories of pencil rating: Mileage
and Style. Style is the overall appearance of the pencil. Mileage is how long the
pencil's "resources" (lead and eraser) last. In the case of this pencil, it's mileage
is very high because it can hold a lot of lead. I won't update older reviews to
include those two ratings, but future reviews will contain them.

The pencil has a solid rubber grip that will become slippery if you have greasy
hands. So in a way, this pencil is kind of a deterrent to doing your homework
while eating a quadruple cheeseburger with SuperFries. Even so, the pencil's
thickness makes it ideal for larger hands. The grip is not uncomfortable over long
periods of time.

For long essays, this is the pencil to use. If fully stocked, you won't run out of
lead. Nor will you have to be stingy on the eraser- which is also proportionately
larger than on other pencils. The eraser is just as long as the one on the
ClearPoint, but it is thinner.

Like the ClearPoint, however, the MegaLead's feeder is still plastic. Plastic
feeders are more susceptible to wear and lose their grip on the lead over time.
The pencil has a retractable tip which helps protect the lead from breaking. The
feeding mechanism is nothing special, just the same as other pencils.

To refill this pencil, you pull out the eraser-clip assembly, just like on the
ClearPoint. Sometimes, I had trouble getting the lead all the way into the barrel,
and when you reinstall the eraser, it makes a sharp snapping sound like you
broke the lead, although usually it doesn't.

This is just a basic click pencil with some extra storage space and a larger eraser.
It's not expensive, either. Two pencils cost me just $1.25. But if you don't like the
idea of bringing a pack of leads with you, simply fill this pencil up and you're
ready to go for the next gaziillion words. And if you make a mistake, you can
erase all of it too.
Mechanical pencil
MegaLead (out of 5)

Tip: 4
Feeding: 3
Simplicity: 4
Refilling: 4
Eraser: 4
Grip: 3
Breakage: 4
Style: 3
Mileage: 5
Overall: 4

Lead: 5
MegaLead and ClearPoint

12 pieces of lead
ClearPoint Eraser vs. MegaLead eraser (the MegaLead eraser is
longer because it is new.