Bazic Mechanical Pencil- 0.5                                       Back
I bought four of them at a $1 store, what do you expect of it? It came with a large
barrel of lead.

At first the pencils looked cool- some pens also share the design. I won't go into
much detail, but
this pencil is horrible! First of all, even though it uses thinner
lead, the lead still broke way too often. It didn't appear to be HB, either, it marked
way too light. It can't even hold onto the lead. You couldn't write like Beethoven,
you had to "whisper" each mark to avoid pushing the lead in. Further, it advanced
the lead way too much with each "click." Bic Matic's are better.

It does, however, have an okay grip.

It is very easy to refill. Pull off the end, put lead into the tube. It also comes with a
large tube of the same low-quality lead.

It does not have an eraser.

A quick disassembly showed it was dual-feed. Meaning, the feeder has two
halves. The more pieces of the feeder, the more precise each "click" is. Sort of
like how more cylinders in an engine let it run smoother.

These cheap pencils are a ripoff, I highly do not recommend them, even at $1!
Mechanical pencil
Bazic (out of 5)

Feeding: 2
Simplicity: 3
Refilling: 5
Eraser: 0
Grip: 3
Breakage: 1
Overall: 2.25

Lead: 1