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The PaperMate ClearPoint isn't exactly an economy pencil, but it's well worth the
price. What sticks out is this clear pencil's HUGE eraser, mounted in a twist barrel.
Don't even worry about conserving your eraser, just go ahead and wipe out all the
graphite in front of you.

This pencil wasn't designed to be used once. From the huge eraser, you can tell
that the Clear Point is in for the long run. Although everything but one part is metal,
the pencil does not feel flimsy at all. With a metal tip that resists the heaviest wear,
you can count on the pencil to keep going and going and going. The tip is also
retractable, minimizing lead breakage.

The grip, however, is unsatisfying. It consists of small rubber pellets embedded in
the plastic barrel. The grip is not really softer than the plastic, and except from
being bumpy, only provides grip. However, the barrel narrows at the grip, so that it
is thicker than a wood pencil but is still very comfortable and easy to control.

Feeding with the eraser is cumbersome, as shown in the Twist-erase pencil by
Pentel. Instead, the guys at PaperMate used a different approach- putting the
lead-advance button on the side of the pencil. The button is conspicuously colored
and easily within thumb's reach. However, for such an expensive pencil, you could
at least expect a metal feeder. But no, it is plastic, but has three prongs for
increased stability and grip on the lead (see pic).

The pencil's styling is also unique. The entire casing is clear or transparent, where
the eraser mechanism and button is colored. Instead of having a gigantic eraser
that sticks out like a sore thumb, the Clear Point hides its large eraser underneath
a smooth, curvy barrel.

For usage, this pencil couldn't be simpler. Push the button, and the lead comes out
just the perfect amount, without sliding or falling back in when upside-down.
Refilling is easy; pull of the eraser assembly and insert the lead. The eraser itself is
easy to change as well. The white eraser is smooth and erases cleanly and
effectively without smudging.

In all of the Clear Points that I have used, none have had problems with stuck lead
or dud erasers. These pencils will always work and cause your class clown to
continuously try and steal them. The included lead is squeak-free and doesn't
break. If you want a pencil that works and works beyond your expectations, the
Papermate Clear Point is for you.

Of course, now you know what to expect...
Mechanical pencil
PaperMate Clear
Point (out of 5)

Quality: 5
Tip: 4
Feeding: 4
Simplicity: 4
Refilling: 4
Eraser: 5
Grip: 3
Breakage: 5
Overall: 4.5

Lead: 5