Question/Answer Guide To Laptop Computers         Articles
Q: I've heard people call it a notebook, others call it a laptop. What is it called?
A: It's a NOTEBOOK! Saying laptop will make people think you are talking
about the huge and outdated Macintosh portable. It's about as portable as a

Q: Why is mine so heavy?
A: You have too much junk installed on your hard drive.

Q: Why is the battery life so short?
A: You're using your notebook. Stop using it. If you can't, then don't use the
battery, instead walk around with a small power generator.
Q: What's this doohickey I hear about called WI-FI?
A: You're still thinking laptop, aren't you? Get a new notebook, and get with the program!

Q: My notebook is still heavy.
A: You have a laptop. Get a notebook.

Q: I hear loud clicking noises.
A: Learn CPR. You'll need it when your notebook crashes.

Q: I dropped my notebook. Is it okay?
A: It's okay if you think it's okay.

Q: It's fine, but now I have 100,000 viruses.
A: See a doctor immediately.

Q: No, I mean the computer.
A: Make a 50/50 mixture of liquid Tylenol and Asprin, and wipe the mixture on your screen.

Q: Why is my screen so blurry?
A: You need a new computer.

Q: I bought something on Ebay. What is it called?