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When I first opened my Apple iBook G4, the first thing I noticed was the unusually strong "new computer smell"
that came out of every corner of the computer. When I brought it to school, I also brought the foam protector
bag to seal in the smell. I found that my classmates all did the same thing. It was shiny, small and simply unique,
but Apple is one example where simplicity is not necessarily good. The laptop shipped with an A key that
worked when you didn't want it to and didn't when you did. My essays were littered with double a's and missing
ones that probably decreased my average.
Furthermore, the shiny plastic was extremely susceptible to scratches ans I soon found myself rubbing my shirt
on it every so often just to try and polish out a conspicuous scratch. When I dropped the computer, the vinyl
floor left a nasty abrasion and black smudge on the corners. And for some reason, the computer is a dirt
magnet, requiring rigorous scrubbing every month. It's white surface is now smudgy gray, and the screen is full
of dead pixels because it was not protected from the outside squeezing it when I put it in my bag. The CD-ROM
slot-drive system is a flop, and I now have a stubborn disc inside that makes a horrible grinding noise whenever
I move the computer. The Keyboard deteriorated rapidly, and now the direction keys are cracked and falling
off, and the spacebar sounds like it wants to die. The list goes on, from the sinking mouse button to the broken-
off rubber knobs supposed to keep the keyboard from touching the screen (instead causing a noticeable bend
in the cover.
Besides having the worst keyboard ever conceived, it's features weren't the greatest at the time. The graphics
card was somewhat insufficient, and the processor was noticeably slower. It has a 40GB hard drive, at the time
when iPods have double. And making that worse, mac programs are clunkier and do not have a unified
uninstall system, so now my hard drive can't hold much more than a few documents.
Mac OS is inherently different from windows, and isn't any worse or better. My only resentments are the lack of
uninstallation and having to search for obscure programs instead of having them in one easy-to-access menu.
Apple's iPod is the definition of "cool," but nothing more. With limited features, it's design and interface are it's
only perks. But for people like me, I'm aiming for something where you pay for the components inside, not just
the plastic-alloy shell itself. Apple is basically selling it's design, so I can bet that if you sold the same stuff in a
different design, nobody would buy it, probably instead calling it the "Apple Noob."
The iPod is the most obvious example. Everyone in my school has an iPod. Mp3 has become synonymous with
it. The gift that everyone thinks about is the iPod. iPod, iPod, iPod, the device is another over-iDolized iMbecillic
iNvention whose best part is its package.
Would you pay a lot extra just to have a shiny thing with an unreplaceable battery and easily scratched cover?
Would you forego better options just to have a square thing in your hand with a big round button?
Would you pay money to have something cool but less functional square?

Apple is the hip square.

List Of Excuses
  • It fits easier in your pocket. More functional devices come in similar or better form factors. The boxy
    device isn't comfortable in you hand after a while because it's slippery and thin.
  • You can play games on it. Lots of devices can do that and more.
  • You can watch videos. Are you kidding? First of all, the layout leaves little space for a screen.
  • It has better sound. Could a normal person tell the difference? Most of the songs you're listening to now
    are probably recorded off the radio anyway.
  • It holds more songs. Maybe, but that's because it uses an actual had drive, which is more fragile and
    larger than flash memory. Furthermore, you cannot add more space.
  • The battery lasts longer. In the end, you lose because the battery is sealed inside. Your warranty is in
    danger because you did something that other devices were designed for.
  • it's cool. There's no denying that, though.