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The reason we have computer desks, and then computers, or maybe vice versa.

A few days ago, my parents went scourin' for a swivel chair. I tagged along because i had nothing else to do.
A few tips on buying swivel chairs.

  • Make sure it does not bounce. You do not want to bounce and suddenly the chair moves. Make sure
    that the chassis is pure metal. You can test its durability by whacking it with your hand. If your hand
    hurts, then it's good. If the chassis breaks, guess what's gonna happen when you sit in it.
  • Buy swivel chairs with an armrest. Not only do they provide comfort, they provide protection in a rollover
    accident. Almost like side-impact air bags, they prevent your body from impacting the ground. Armrests
    about the width of half your palm and thickness of your palm should do the job. The larger, the better.
  • The cushions and armrests should be of fluffy material. I really don't care what material it is.
  • Your chair should have some sort of a metal support bar by the armrests or back. It's metal, and what it
    does is it supports the chair up. Your chair should have around 3 support beams. The beams are
    soldered together to make the chassis of your chair. A chassis of 3 main bars is OK, 4 is a bit pricey but
    preferred. The cushions are then attached to the support bars.
  • Your wheel coverings should be PLASTIC. PERIOD. END OF STORY. Wheel coverings would be
    preferred, and believe it or not double wheels are preferred to single-wheel. Single-wheel is just one
    wheel. Double wheels are two small wheels attached by the top but leave a gap between them. This
    way, the chair simply rolls over small pieces of trash as opposed to slipping over them if your have a
    single-wheel chair. I like chairs with 4 wheels or more.
  • Finally make sure there is no asbestos on your chair. Sad but true fact.

Other things to consider:
  • Hydraulics: Yes, you chair is your "ride." A hydraulics system absorbs major shocks and can be adjusted
    to tall and short people. If you want a "hot ride," get a chair with a smart hydraulic system that bounces
    with the radio.
  • Whoomp: You want an 8.1 surround sound system with TurboSound(tm), maxxbass(tm) and Bluetooth
    technology so people can hear you play your music halfway around the world. Wirelessly. If it's in stock,
    get the 25-CD changer. You'll crack every window in town.
  • Propulsion: Electric or gas. Choose gas, and you'll die of carbon monoxide poisoning before you even
    get to drive. Of course, if you want the speed and horsepower, get those Chevy engines that people
    use to start up jet engines. Also, get one of those mufflers that sounds like the boogieman belching. Or,
    just stay clean and go green.
  • Leather seat cushions: your choice, get the cheap kind or the not-so-cheap kind.
  • GPS: It's the latest fad. Also get that voice-navigation thingy.
  • Power windows, windshield wipers: Does a chair have windows? If it did, then it wouldn't be a chair.
  • Rear-view camera: you need it if your chair has a high backrest.