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For those hopefully few and hopelessly lost people who do everyday writing in marker, you're stuck in
the same boat as the Pens, and without a paddle. Techinically a marker is a writing utensil that has a
fabric tip, so this includes some "pens" that are actually very fine markers. Here, I have outlined some
of those downsides to using these messy monsters.
  • Like pens, markers can't be erased. Washable markers aren't eraseable either.
  • They WILL get on your hands. Remember, the marker's tip is directly connected to the ink, so
    basically there is much more surface area with lots more ink on a marker.
  • Also like pens, markers are incapable of varying shades by changing the pressure applied.
If you use markers to write, especially permanent markers, your text will bleed onto the next page,
making it useless. Correcting marker strokes is messy, and markers usually smell like some chemical
used to sterilize chicken.