Pencil Psychology #1:
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Generic pencils are the most common ones. You Know. The ones we use every day
to write and draw in black and white. The most common generic pencil is a #2 HB
pencil. These are famous for their role in test-taking. Every time you're about to take
an important exam or test, you hear the teacher say "take out a
#2 pencil." The
reason why you need to use only a #2 pencil is because there are special machines
(which grades your test) and they can only "see" your bubbles if its written with a
special type of lead, HB.
Breaking a pencil is a sin. It's okay with
pens. Broken pencils waste wood and
carbon. Chewing them isn't good for
both the pencil and yourself. Imagine
eating wood! They're not just pencils,
your pencils. Don't ruin your
life. If you have this habit, get one (a
life, not a habit).
But this section focuses on generic pencils
in general. It doesn't matter if they're #1,
#2, #10.5 or #1000679856361800. As
long as they're generic pencils. The little
black boxes are extra tips about pencils
(IE. The one at right). This is the
introduction to Pencil Psychology #1.
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Pencil Psychology #1 Table Of Contents:

a. Erasers
b. Colors
c. Numbers