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As you may know, generic pencils come in a small range of colors (on the outside,
not the lead). These are often between the shades of yellow and orange. Despite
this, Some colors have made themselves prominent in the art of pencil-picking. The
bright yellow paint and metallic green lettering on Dixon Ticonderoga represents a
pencil that has been test approved for years, and one with an outstanding eraser.
Remember that we are still discussing only generic pencils.
Orange is the generic color of the generic pencil. It is the household color for the
generic pencil, just like yellow is that of a school bus. Orange tells people that you
are an average person. You don't buy extravagant triangular white pencils with
electroareroaqualuminus grip pads and extendobulbularlongetive arm erasers. Nor
do you use nubbins from the street. Some popular brands include:
Some mechanical pencils come in generic pencil colors. However, mechanical
pencils are in another section of this site.
Yellow, also a normal color, is used on some pencils (though less than orange). As
stated earlier, it can indicate a Dixon Ticonderoga. The background colors of all
pencils are usually quite lame and usually the text or designs on the pencil mean
more. It was "coined" because it used to signify quality. Of course, now all pencils
are the same.
Other Colors
Other colors usually have to do with the type of pencil. For example, artist pencils
are duller (outside) and usually have a higher number lead. Some kids pencils
have designs printed on the outside. These pencils are mostly meaningless,
because they come in countless variety. However, boys will pick pencils with boy's
designs, and girls the same for their gender.
Some generic pencils are simply differently colored. I know of red and white pencils
that have the same generic hexagonal shape.

Regional Colors
Yes, in fact, the color of the outsides of pencils does vary by region.
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