The forgotten writing devices
idea by Charlie Pan, by Dolen Le                                                                         Home
With the arrival of computers, word processors, the WWW, CD's and all that stuff, we
have forgotten the plain old pen and paper. More than that, we are moving so fast
that I bet you'd rather level up "one last time" on World of Warcraft before you run to
the bathroom to pee. We put our creations above ourselves, maybe that's why robots
will eventually become the dominant species. My Dell 600m is obsolete, as if Centrino
single-core  is from the stone age. Time to ink your pencils and sharpen your pens.

Oops- you forgot how to.

But sandwiched between all this speed-of-light advancement (indeed, in 600 years  
earth will be made of human), we have the highlighters. You don't need them, they
make horrible coloring books, the only thing is the Accent tubes look "cool." They
come in "cool" colors. But do we really use them? Yeah, the companies are always
trying to make a dry-proof one, but its pointless. I have tons of highlighters, and none
of them have been used.

  • Money. Yes, it always comes down to money. Schools can't afford anything that the
    students can highlight on.
  • Human nature. We are always using them to doodle through boring classes, but we
    never have them when we need them.
  • Look at yourself. Have you used a highlighter in the past week? Month? Year? Life?
    Have you killed anyone since morning yet?
Maybe you do get tired of the dull colors of pens, th little scratches of pencils. But
there are markers. Markers that can be used as highlighters. Markers that sometimes
come in the same colors as highlighters.

Not opposing highlighters here, just explaining how everybody does.