By Dolen Le:
Pens are the worst enemies of pencils. There is no psychology in it. Here are some reasons that
make them absolutely detestable:

  • They cannot be erased. Even erasable pens aren't as clean as pencils.
  • It is impossible to shade effectively with them. It all comes out in the same hue.
  • They are more expensive. Economy pens are dull (which ties into next bullet)
  • Most come in unfavorable colors (dark blue or black). They sting the eyes in a
    uncomfortable way. Ever hear about coloring books with pens?
  • They make permanent stains. Thats why they have caps. Pencil stains are easily cleaned.
  • Most pen ink is not water resistant. A drop of water can ruin a document written in pen.
  • There are many more reasons to dislike pens. True, they are often required for important
    documents, but still, they are not as favorable as pencils. Pencils are much cooler, better,
    and more colorful.

To Be Continued...
Point is, you shouldn't like pens, at least for psychology.
Part #2 of Pens Suck By Daniel Mayer
(He quit before writing) By Dolen Le:
And what about erasable pens, you ask? Some people call them liquid
pencils, like white out is called liquid paper. But that association cannot
be made. You never compare a solid object to a liquid. Here are both
A solid rubs off onto the paper.
A liquid is absorbed by the paper.
Give you any ideas? (Think about clothing.)
Here's a true story:

My mom bought me a new T-shirt. The next day, I wore it to school. At recess, I
found a tipless gel pen. I decided to keep the spring. While unscrewing the
clicker half, it exploded due to pressure created by the spring. How that
happened I have no clue. Anyway I suddenly found my arms, sleeves and shirt
splattered with black ink. Ugh! Some even got on my pants (which fortunately
were black). I instantly went to wash, and got some of it out. Of course, my
mom killed me.