Here, I have posted the single-page "Articles" from the previous site. Multi-part
articles (with the exception of multi-step articles) have been made into their own
Tunnels, and can be found on the Directory of Tunnels.
The Chinatown Shopper's Guide to Shake Flashlights

       The market is being flooded by fake shake flashlights. Make sure you aren't getting scammed!

Flavor Meridian

       This revolutionary discovery will change the way you look at pizza. Forever.

Stapole Doom

       A serious problem is brewing everywhere. Around the world, telephone poles are on the verge of


       We write a lot about pencils. But what about highlighters, you wonder.

Guide to School Lunches

       Find out where the mush you eat comes from, and which ones to avoid.


       Everything you possibly wanted (or didn't want) about rolly chairs.

Q/A guide to laptops!

       What should you call it, notebook or laptop? That and more of your questions answered.

Allowance Comparisons

       So how rich are you? Certainly more so than I am.

Rolling backpacks

       What I think of them. Summed up in a sentence: they suck. Read for details.

Pencil Names

       What does your pencil tell about your name?

The REAL Y2k Bug

       It actually has nothing to do with the year. Rather, with USB.

Stereotypical Names

       I would say that this title is pretty self-explanatory.

Why Apple is a Rip-Off

       I have nothing against Apple, I've had Macs since 2002. But the iBook is a different story.
The Pencil Quiz

       Eventually, I will create version 2. For now, you're stuck with my ill-concieved Flash.

Lunch Guide Remix

       More of your menu items reviewed.

Paper Psychology

       What does your paper tell about you? By Angela Chen.