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opportunist...(i'm sure Dolen get what i mean.)
by the end of the year im setting up a little something as well,
although i haven't touched it in a while. take a gander at who i am. reply.
this site has undergone some changes, but the front screen does need to
be changed.
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name = YC
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Yep, I get it. Not.

Comments = O.O
Pretty website ya got there.
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Comments = I think I am your first web site visitor since your reconstructing your
site. It's getting better now. I enjoy the music you made. I wish I could do that too.
One suggestion, could you please do the spelling check for your articles?
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Yes, the new software I use has spell-check. If you find anything wrong,
please email me.

Comments = su** it you hear me su** it good
name = (undisclosed)
REMOTE_HOST: 14*.9*.2**.11*

That is not tolerated. Plus, I know your IP address, and using that I can:
a) send your computer a virus or give IP to a hacker
b) find out where the computer is (as in postal address)

One more time and the box will be removed, and if such emails are
received, then I will spam you. :-(

Comments = This one is better than the old one and the other one
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name = Annie

Comments = Hey Dolen your website is getting pretty famous! I visited
this web site when ray was here and guess what! He told every one in his
school. I hope you don't mind ,but I started to tell people in my
i visit often = I visit often
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Geocities was
discontinued by Yahoo
on 10/26/09. The
guestbook has been

You can suggest anything. If you don't want me to put your message below, just tell me. Questions
are also welcome. I once got a question about N-Ball, a page which is hidden deep in my site.
The question had nothing to do with most of this site's content. For example, if you want me to
review a pencil, or if you have something to say about yours. We're pretty sure we can adapt
almost any idea into a nonsensical page, so please don't be hasty.