Pencil Psychology
Under construction. Still.
What does your pencil tell about you?
Look around. Everywhere, there are pencils. They are probably the world's most common tools. There are also many
kinds of pencils. There are ones with dull points, useless erasers, and tiny sizes. And there is a variety of humans that
conforms to this variety of pencils. For example, a #2 pencil's owner is relatively normal (all people are different,
remember).If you were to use a pencil that is not a #2, you would be considered special in your own way. There are
many different colors of pencils, they each mean a different mood that you're in. If you were using a dark pencil, then you
are going through a sad stage (sad, and maybe bored or angry.)

This site will make that link between you and your pencils. Check out the links under the Table Of Contents. You can find
out more about pencil Psychology. Just follow the numbers.
Table Of Contents
A random bit of history...

Some ideas? Anyone? Anything funny or weird? (Okay, not disgusting.)  Please? Help me write about pencil psychology. I've
outlined it already. Contribute! Email me, or use the contact page. Please do not use this website's email.

Pencil Psychology started during science. We were bored. School is always boring, sitting there, waiting; I'd rather read the
dictionary. I suddenly made the comment, Kirsten, you're dumb. She looked at me in a way that said, "what the heck?" "See," I
continued, "your pencil tip is dull, so you make lots of mistakes." And from there, the idea sprouted. In fact it's the reason I have
this WHOLE website about random stuff.
The point? Every thing here has no point. See "What About Me" to learn why.
Help me! All suggestions are welcome.