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Welcome, newcomer who probably stumbled onto this site using Google. I don't expect you to stay, much like most of this site's (former) patrons.
But if you've gotten here, I'll try my best to keep you here.

This site was born originally as a small geocities site about pencil psychology. The web address, http://www.geocities.
com/pencil_psy/index.html was too long to remember, so the site had few visitors. I credit (or perhaps blame) myself, Daniel
Mayer and a boring science class for this site.
At first, the site itself was pencil psychology and nothing else. Soon, I started playing the game, N-ball for Macintosh. I
created a few levels for the game, which can now be downloaded at this site. I tried selling them, but I soon found competition
in the market and quit after making around $2. Not that great, considering the amount of testing required.
I posted a section to the site advertising the levels. The section still exists today, but what was once four different pages is now
one. At the original site, it still says, "Will be deleted by August." This called for a home page that would tie the two unrelated
sections together, or an index. The old home page was the pencil Psychology page, but it was renamed to "indextrue." That
name is still used in the current pencil psychology site because I cannot change it.
The new home page had two links and nothing more. One was a link to pencil psychology, the other to N-ball levels. Next to
them, I wrote a little message that really wasn't about any of the site's content. I titled the page, "The Fork In The Road."
Today, that page has a background but is not updated.
After a while, I realized that the site could not grow from the limits that I had. So I began using Yahoo! Web Hosting. "The
Fork In The Road" became "Tunnels To Nowhere." And the site grew to the way it is today.

Here at Tunnels To Nowhere (T2N), we take pride in commenting on life, especially pencils. This site has it's roots in lead, you
could say. More than that, we also accept reader's writing, ideas, music, and now animations. Although most of this site is
text, I'm happy to expand it to include some other topic, like hair regrowth or bomb implementation.

Pencil Psychology is basically dedicated to answering the question, "What does your pencil tell about you?" It covers all kids
of pencils and almost everything there is to know about them. This isn't easy, because there really isn't much to say about
them. It's also an excellent pencil information source. I do admit, I've become a bit of a "pencil freak" from writing all this.

Articles is the fastest growing part of this site because it is basically a "Miscellaneous" section for this site. In Articles, Charles
and I discuss, rant about, and basically write about everyday things, such as lunch. Okay, maybe more obscure things like
shake flashlights. But still, user suggestions are all we need to get us typing.

I know, my site is not organized. People keep on complaining how messy it is, how hard it is to navigate. However, I have provided some tools to
help you find your way. The search bar on the homepage can get you anywhere, and if you search for certain things, you might find some stuff
that isn't accessible through the homepage. Here's a basic outline of my site from T2N:
  • Start at Tunnels To Nowhere.
  • Pick a link in the blue box, or go to the old Geocities at the top.
  • Pencil Psychology: What does your pencil tell about you? This basically explains itself. Extensive and clear navigational links are provided.
  • Me! Section: A little tricky. All sites here have a navigation bar containing all other sites. You have to go back to the "Me" page to get to the
    home page.
  • News. Self explanatory, one page with one navigation link. Guess what it says.
  • Contact. See News.
  • Old site. This is not the same site as found above. It is even older. Click it to get a rough idea. Links broken, fixes and updates on the way.
  • Articles. Each article has a link to the articles page; the article page has a link home.
  • Information. Well, what do you think it is?
So, visit pencil Psychology first. Then articles.

Yes, I have no idea if they are copyrighted or not. I got them from Yahoo search. If you would like your image removed, just tell me.

Not responsible for externally linked content. We are not responsible for the domain.

If, somehow, you got here from CNS or the Geocities site, read here.
The CNS and Fork in The Road sites are my former creations. You were either directed to "Da New Page" or directly to T2N. You won't need to
go back there. Fork In The Road (call it FIR cause I'm lazy) was the OLD version of this site, as explained above. All content in FIR is available
here. Heres the explanation:
As you already know about this site's early roots, I can tell you in detail what happened. I became tired of Geocities