We've Gone Public! 2/19/06
You can now find us in the Geocities Members Directory! Sciences>Social Sciences>Psychology> Pencil
Psychology. Really, we're not lying! We hope this will boost our popularity. We want visitors!

Section complete!   2/24/06
I have completed Section 1a: erasers. I will continue onto section 1b: The colors.

Mess Up! 3/15/06
here (link removed)

Daniel has quit. I will continue.

Phew! Long time without updates! As school draws to a close, I can work on this more.

Phasing out 6/15/06
Now using web hosting server.

Major Changes 6/19/06
Changes everywhere!

Welcome To High School, Me 10/9/06
This site has not been edited in a while due to technical difficulties. But the work must be done.

Things I plan on doing: 10/10/06
Finishing this website (lots of "under construction")
Remodeling the interface, for cleaner, more concise, easier navigation
Have a TV dinner
Change the cocky music with new cocky music.
Let me guess... You don't know my name, right?

Pencil Psychology 10/29/06
Help me by giving me ideas for pencil psychology! Use the contact page. I'm going to take on the impossible task
of returning to updating my old sites. See All About Me for a link to this site. (CNS)
 Link now on home page.

Help partially received 11/10/06
York Chen has agreed to write up a draft for Mechanical Pencil Psychology. Renovated Pencil Psy page!

Computer problems, renovations predicted 12/06/06
I am currently having serious computer virus problems and have to pause this site. CNSmin is annoying! Not even
close to the other things: Lovesan, Mydoom, sasser, Spyware.perfect and lots others.
Meanwhile, I plan on making some major revisions, including purging the grammatic mess that Daniel left.

A confession 12/20/06
I have realized that I do like squishing things together. And sorry for the long-time-no-see.
P.S. My keyboard is an ouch in the ouchie, expect spelling errors.
If you have a good idea, feel free to email me.
And if you get viruses in reply, blame the INFOSTEALER virus, along with my dad for not installing a firewall.

Hpy Nw Yr! 1/11/07
Happy New Year Everybody! (Okay, I'm a little off.)

Back from Break 2/26/07
Over the break I finally cracked my CVS "one-time-use" digital camera. I hope to put up a guide soon. Also, I
almost managed to emulate or run Mac OS X on my Windows XP system. Unfortunately, the restore disc I was
using only let me install it on my iBook G4.

I hope to renovate the MeMeMeMeMe pages. They'll go up soon.

Introducing ThemeTeknology 3/8/07
Now, my homepage Tunnels To Nowhere, is available in three flavors, thanks to my patent-pending
I also hope to make themes for the official pages (news and contact).
The Me Me Me Me Me section is availible for a sneak peek!

Doodah Days! 3/27/06
Check it out!

Y not help? 4/12/07
All these suggestions for Articles really aren't helping. What I need to do is TYPE SOMETHING FOR PENCIL
PSYCHOLOGY! I highly encourage you to use our guestbook, which is hidden on our Contact page. Already I've
received a message from some freak named John Smith.

Consolidated Tunnels 5/25/07
This is just something at the bottom of my list, but I may want to turn Pencil Psychology into a section in Articles.
What do you think.

Also, this site can be found on Google search, although I did not sign it up.

Overhaul Day 6/21/07
They say that boredom fuels creativity.
"They" were right.

New Software! 7/3/07
I've updated the software I use to edit my site. I don't know if it will make a big difference, though.

Yep'm 9/17/07
Obviously I was correct. Pretty much nothing happened.
I'm going to start writing about colored pencils, as well as 2 new pencil reviews: The papermate Clear Point and
the Pointec pencil. Along with that, I'll add some stuff that even I don't know about.

Okay... 10/9/07
Good idea- maybe I should write something about sharpies. Although techically it's similar to a highlighter and
isn't a pencil. But being a nerd won't help.

The Request Has Been Submitted 10/19/07
If you animate flash and/or compose digital music, I'm inviting You to make an animation or a song for the
homepage. The animation has to advertise a part of this site, and the song must go along with my bubbly-theme I

Reorganization 10/25/07
I might consider integrating "About Me" with "information." Charles is going to write something "About Him" so I'm
probably going to rename that section.

A New Writer? 11/13/07
Angela Chen has written something, I am in the process of posting it. If Charles doesn't get his butt moving he'll
lose the rights to the home page.

A New Domain 12/06/07
As recommended by Tara, I registered the domain for free to redirect here. After all, is a pain to type.

Tunnels To Nowhere Blog 3/24/08
I set up a blog at If you would like an account there, please email me.

Bahhh 5/16/08
Well, I guess after being all hyped about making the new quiz, I kinda forgot about this site as a whole. I know this
sounds like the same excuse over and over, but I've been overwhelmed by threats from teachers about upcoming
finals and projects...

Again 11/27/08
Apparently, the jerks at deleted my account (i followed all of their rules) so anyway the URL
"hhtp:// doesn't work anymore.

Hiatus 10/25/09
No more updates forthcoming. Sorry. I just don't have the time. I'm briefly updating the site now to use it as a

Updates Forthcoming 11/3/09
Should I have spare time (actually I have three tests in the coming three days), I will devote some of it to revising
this site. Some of the changes in order are:
- improving navigation (I've said this like sixty times already, but this time the changes have already been made)
- correcting errors
- writing (this is of lower priority)
Geocities was shut down a week ago, RIP.