This is the Directory of Tunnels, or segments of this site. Segments that have multiple pages have
been given their own tunnels, whereas single-page "articles" are present on the "Articles" tunnel.

Articles are short, single-page random pieces of writing that cover just about any subject that
happens to pop into the authors' heads.

Pencil Psychology

 This is the flagship part of the site. In fact the entire site was once only for Pencil Psychology.       
Now, of course, it has diversified, and Pencil Psychology has become just another tunnel.

Pencil Reviews

Read unbiased, generally useless reviews of pencils (NEVER PENS).

Old Site

Geocities was closed on October 26, 2009. Before that, I had already moved all my old Geocities
stuff to this paid host. Basically all of this is old stuff from 5th grade that you would never take an
interest in.


This is what I've been wasting most of my time on.